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Wednesday, September 5, 2018


You have no idea what podcast you are [messing] with! If that censored for TV version of a badass one-liner didn't tip you off, we're continuing our trip down bloody memory lane with our BLADE series retrospective, and we've reached the main course: Guillermo Del Toro's BLADE 2! In which, this time, our fave Daywalker must team-up with Ron Perlman and his cool vampire buddies to stop some vagina mouthed mutant bloodsuckers. There's other vagina stuff, too. Also, things in jars. Lots of things in jars. All the Del Toro staples are here, folks! Plus, Norman Reedus! So, how has the character of Blade evolved between entries? What makes Nomak one of the best villains in comic filmdom? Why isn't the fact Donnie Yen was totally a vampire ninja once brought up more!? The BOP Crew is here to answer these questions the Del Toro way -- with a graphic autopsy!

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