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Sunday, February 14, 2016


Ah, Valentine's Day. Not only is love in the air, but also all the other heralds of the holiday: chocolate, those little candy heart things that everyone seems to enjoy so much, bouquets of red roses, flying entrails, gallons of blood, hallmark cards, and, of course, no V-Day would be complete without some gratuitous nudity. Okay, so maybe Box Office Pulp is celebrating a little bit differently than most, but the message is the same -- we love a good holiday themed slasher. So, to honor thy festival of love, the Crew is doing an episode all about how much they love the criminally underrated horror remake (by the always brilliant duo of Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer): MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D! D! D! D! D! That's a lot of D's.

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