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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

SAW II (Unrated) Commentary Track

Xavier did nothing wrong! And now that we've got your attention, welcome to the second installment of Saw n' A Movie, the commentary series that was in the safe the whole time. Spoilers. Join us as we discuss Saw II, first-time director Darren Lynn Bousman's inaugural dip into the needle-pit that would shape the franchise to this very day, and the first time America heard Tobin Bell lecture us about time management. We talk the brilliant set-design, the balancing act between traps and story the other films would struggle with, the return of Shawnee Smith as the world's first reverse-Scream Queen, and the beginnings of The Curse of Bouseman. Meanwhile, Cody continues his quest to slowly poison himself with Malort like he's the mom from Flowers In The Attic.

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