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Sunday, September 17, 2023

SAW Commentary Track

Hello, listeners. We'd like to play a commentary. If it's [MONTH TAPE IS BEING PLAYED], it must be BOP! And tonight, the crew is untangling the first knot in the increasingly convoluted horror juggernaut that is SAW, in the first of a new BOP n' A Movie commentary series! The Elwes are screaming and the Malort is flowing as they discuss the very first James Wan and Leigh Whannell joint, the ingenious filmmaking cheats that allowed an inexperienced production to both surpass expectations and accidentally create an era-defining style, the immediate pop culture royal treatment the nearly DTV film received, how the influx of Saw-alikes changed perception of the original, and how Tobin Bell getting off that floor is still shocking every goddamn time-- Spoilers. Now be a mensch and rewind that tape for the next guy, cool?

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