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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

INCEPTION Commentary Track

There's something you should know about Box Office Pulp: we specialize in a very specific type of podcasting. Movie analysis podcasting. We're talking about commentaries. (WONNNG) We pick the film we want to talk over. We bring Cody into that conversation, and he fills it with his frogs. It's called "BOP 'n A Movie," and in this installment, we're watching Christopher Nolan's telescopic opus, INCEPTION! (WONNNG) Join Point Man Cody, Architect Mike, Extractor MB, and Forger James as they wade through obsessive internet theories, chart the career of one of Hollywood's most idiosyncratic directors, discuss the unrelated film "1941" for far too long, solve everything with magic, and set up the first layer of the greatest time loop in the history of broadcasting. (WONNNG) Will this last feature commentary be the one that gets MB home, or will he become an old man, filled with regret? (WONNNG) THE PODCAST IS COLLAPSING-- (WONNNG WONNNG WONNNG) BOP 'n A Movie: The podcast where Cody's mind is the scene of the crime.

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