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Monday, January 30, 2017

THE SHINING Commentary Track (European Cut)

Want some ice cream, Doc? No? Well, how about a BOP 'n A Movie feature commentary for Stanley Kubrick's horror masterpiece, THE SHINING! Also, no? Well, screw you, psychic kid, you're getting it anyway! For this one, the Crew heads to the secluded Overlook Hotel to get some deep cut film analysis done over the winter season, but per-usual, ghosts compel them to kill each other instead. It happens. But when not CORRECTING one another with an axe to the sternum, they do delve into things like the philosophy of horror, how exactly a director drives Olive Oyl to lose all her hair, which character's secret pimp coat may finally provide answers, and so much more! Oh, and Cody points out flags. Ride the blood elevator down and get lost in a hedge maze of impossibility with us on this one, folks. Just be wary, because all work and no play makes Box Office Pulp go... something, something...

Why, dear listeners, you've always been downloading this commentary... right... here.

DISCLAIMER: Due to error on Netflix's (and our) part, this commentary is for the EUROPEAN CUT of the film, which runs about 23 minutes shorter. Apologies for the inconvenience.

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