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Thursday, May 25, 2017

INCEPTION Commentary Track: Level 2

A year ago the BOP Crew made a promise. A stupid, stupid, stupid promise. That promise was to go deeper. How does one go deeper when it comes to commentary tracks? Why, you watch the movie while listening to your own commentary track and do a new commentary track over it! Crossed eyed yet? You should be. In this special - and you know what we mean when we say "special" - edition of BOP 'n A Movie, we're delving back into Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION, by way of ourselves! Will this second layer deep of film analysis bear even more secrets and subtext hidden within the film itself? Will the Crew lose their minds while forced to endure two and a half hours of their past selves attempting to sound smart? Will they somehow manage to crap on James Cameron's Avatar some more, apropos of nothing? Never say we didn't follow through on our vows to you, dear listeners. Even at the expense of our own sanity and joy. Let the grand experiment commence!

Come a level deeper with us by downloading here. If you dare, of course.

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