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Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The year is 1918, and Box Office Pulp has been ravaged by the horrors of The Great War. So, what's a podcast about movies, madness, and moxie to do? Vacation! After plundering Doc Poison's notebook, the BOP Crew take off in their aero-planes for the island of Themyscira, where Princess Buttercup is training a legion of warrior women that are destined to emasculate us all - one of which happens to be the lead of director Patty Jenkins' WONDER WOMAN, the only DC Comics Film to actually be inspirational! But what will happen when Diana puts The Crew under the spell of her lasso of truth? Will they stick by the claim that their podcast is above average? Will James finally get to see a world in which women rule? Will MB, with his foppish British mustache, claim to be a God? And will this episode reveal, in-fact, the exact way that Mike is meant to die? All things are possible with the power of love and the dying thunderbolt of Zeus on your side!

Cue the Wonder Woman theme and cross No Man's Land by downloading the episode here!

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