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Monday, November 26, 2018


Mister Police. You could have saved yourself from watching this movie. I gave you all the reviews. But still you did. Still you watched due to the promise of Michael Fassbender battling a Snowman themed serial killer. Now look at you, a shadow of your former self. But luckily, for the rest of you, one member of the BOP Crew has turned his soul crushing viewing experience into this spine-tingler of a TALES FROM THE BOP! All in hope you don't meet his same twig-armed fate! This time, Mike weaves for Cody and Jamie, a story of Charlotte Gainsbourg dry humping our lead actor, a Dubbed Val Kilmer growling in a tub, scenes that play our perilously without any sense of rhythm or connection to plot, and a director who has disowned his own film! Allow me to introduce you all to the botched adaptation of the worldwide best-selling novel... THE SNOWMAN!

The first snow has fallen. Melt any sinister snowmen that may have appeared by downloading the episode here!

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