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Thursday, December 13, 2018

CLUE Commentary Track (with Carter Lee)

Was it Cody in the Billiard Room with the pipe? Was it Jamie in the Kitchen with the candlestick? Perhaps Mike in the Library with the revolver? Or, in the most likely scenario, our special returning guest Carter Lee in the Dining Room with the rope!? No matter the answer, Communism was JUST a red herring, we assure you. You see, on this date of December 13th, but in the year of 1985, one of the greatest comedies ever produced was unappreciatively released in theaters. But, decades later, we're here to appreciate! And delve into what makes this classic satire of whodunits so special -- and it's not just the fact a movie based on a board game was actually good. And so, BOP 'n A Movie cordially invites you on this dark and stormy night to our Manor of Many Rooms, for a dinner date of brandy, blackmail, and MURDER! But before we stack any corpses onto the couch, enjoy this feature commentary track for... CLUE!

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