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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

HOOK Commentary Track

Gooooood morning, Neverland! Welcome back to the only podcast that can fly, that can fight, that can even god damn CROW. And if you've managed to find your marbles, you know this is Steven Spielberg Month, which means we've conjured our happiest thought to provide a BOP 'n A Movie feature commentary for what may be his most polarizing picture, 1991s sometimes too-cheesy-for-it's-own-good family classic -- HOOK! Some love it, some despise it, and there's very little in-between. The Crew tries to get to the bottom of why that is, and the answer might cause you to respect Hook a little more, regardless of where you fall. From Spielberg's own complicated thoughts on the finished product, it's long gestation period, how it re-contextualized the tale of Peter Pan without going the deconstructionist route, all to build a unique perspective on aging and parenthood, and not to mention Robin Williams giving one of his most interesting and passed over performances, we do our best to give this equally cherished and reviled flick the once over it demands! But above it all, there's Smee. Yes, yes, Rufio. We know. We love Rufio, too. But SMEE, people!

Don't want to go into the boo box? Download the commentary now!

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