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Thursday, May 2, 2019


We're in the spoilers game now. But besides "whatever it takes," what do we actually do now in a post-Endgame world? Disney+ shows? Mysterio's Big Adventure? A sequel to The Incredible Hulk? No, the exchange of souls needed for that one would be too great. Ten years have taken us from "We're Iron Mongers, Tony," to "The Staff of The Living Tribunal," from Whiplash's bird, to Killmonger's Oscar nomination, and every stunt-casting in-between. While we mourn the loss of being really, really hyped for Endgame, we also go over what we loved about this ending of a cinematic era (that isn't actually ending), it's surprisingly subtle adaptations of comic scenes famous and obscure, the return to the indie sensibilities that once defined Marvel Studios, how it's themes capture and distill the profound message of Marvel both in print and in film, and, of course, The Red Skull. Mostly we talk about Red Skull. What he's thinking. How he feels. What he tastes like. It's kind of a problem.

You downloading this episode is... inevitable.

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