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Tuesday, June 18, 2019


You've seen The Crew go head-to-glove with Freddy Krueger. You've seen them say n-o to Jack-O,  and chase Pumpkinhead back to Lance Henrickson's shack with his pumpkintail between his pumpkinlegs! But now they face off against cinema's most terrifying creatures... Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, the original Vaudevillian Villains! In yet another BOP 'n A Movie rock 'em and sock 'em punch-out involving things which go bump in the night and/or snarl a lot, we survey the only surviving record of three hapless monsters who left the old country in search of the American dream, and found only a nightmare. A nightmare of sight gags, prat-falls, and wacky chase scenes! It's the movie that invented the horror-comedy as we know it, contains perhaps Bela Lugosi's strongest performance as a creature of the night, the dawn of Glenn Strange's tenure as the titular Monster, and feels as fun and witty today as it was in 1948! Many a horror-nerd hold this film near and dear, us included, so we're busting out the popcorn (and a special mad science-y concoction of booze!) to dig deep in dissecting some cinematic history and raise this feature commentary for ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN from the dead!

Unlock the the deadly secret of who in fact is on "First" by downloading the commentary here!

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