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Thursday, September 5, 2019


Satan's in deep shit! The BOP Crew is sitting down with some instant coffee and whipping chocolates at the refrigerator. Cody's housewarming party? No, it's because we're talking about the 1992 sci-fi/horror/noir/comedy from the writer of Hollow Man and The Fast And The Furious, SPLIT SECOND! Haven't heard of it, you say? Neither had we until the passing of it's star, Rutger Hauer, but what we found was a chronicle of the far-flung future of 2008, where a troubled detective who doesn't play by the rules searches the flooded streets of London for a killer who may be something more - or less - than human. In other words? B-Movie heaven! Listen we as we discuss it's eerily feasible "future" setting, the avalanche of plot points that take us from gene sequencers to astrology charts, whether or not this movie knows it's ridiculous, the joy of seeing prestige actors dress like action figures, why it really should have been called Black Tide, and how Stephen Norrington gave us the first live-action Venom. It's always comes back to Venom!

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