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Monday, October 14, 2019

THE PUMPKIN KARVER Commentary Track (A Big-Ass Pumpkin Day Extravaganza)

Get out your knife and a really big spoon, because it's the only day of the year the BOP Crew looks forward to more than Halloween: The Great Gourdening, Dia de los Calabaza itself, Big-Ass Pumpkin Day! And to properly prepare for the festivities, we suggest you put on a slasher so obscure it makes you think "Wow, Amy Weber and Minka Kelly are really slumming it," THE PUMPKIN KARVER! Mix together this year's BAPD Cocktail, and listen to Cody, Mike, and Jamie get lost in the dangerous world of expert pumpkin carving.  Then grab your own pump', cut a full circle around the top, leaving plenty of room for scooping. Once the ole' orange-boy is hollow, draw your desired Jack-O onto the gourd with a a black marker, and carefully remove the desired pieces in a gentle, see-saw motion. Just don't carve with any evil in your heart! But also don't be afraid to go crazy, Jack's a versatile dude!  Around this time, the Crew should be lost in a terrifying alternate reality where the pumpkins have come to take back what's their's. Set your new friend on the couch next to you, down a good swig of that BOPtail that's been gathering dust. After this, absolutely nothing will matter and you'll be in the perfect mindset for Karver's respectable FX budget and dedication to patch-based horror. Take another sip.  Ahh. It truly was a Big-Ass, Big-Ass Pumpkin Day.

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