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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

CHILD'S PLAY 3 Commentary Track

Just when you thought it was time to put away childish things like dolls and do something grown-up like put on fatigues and pretend war for a bunch of old white dudes, movie studio executives come beckoning with insane demands like putting out another sequel less than a year since your last entry! Such is the strange and sad tale of Don Mancini's CHILD'S PLAY 3, a Bop n' A Tragedy if there ever was one! With only mere months to throw together a script, cast, and film an entire movie from scratch, it's a testament to Mancini's talent that Chucky and Andy's third bloody tango is worth watching, examining, and appreciating! With themes of toxic masculinity, adulthood, and the friggin' coolest haunted house put on film, there's plenty of charm to be found in this trilogy capper before the big tonal reboot! So, begin your voodoo incantations and join us for this audio commentary!

Look Who's Stalking by downloading the commentary here!

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