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Friday, September 25, 2020

You Can't Kill The Gummer: TREMORS

During these trying times the auto commercials tell us we're having, everyone's looking for comfort food. So while Mike wages a private war with his internet provider, Cody and Jamie are digging into one of the few things from their childhoods that have weathered all life's thrown at them and come out still kicking: The Tremors franchise, mainlined by one of the longest-running monster hunters in film, Burt Gummer. Welcome to You Can't Kill The Gummer. the podcast where nobody owns a helicopter! Leading up to the release of seventh (!) entry in the series, they're revisiting each chapter in the Graboid saga, starting with the cult classic that drifted through theaters in January of 1990, but caused a VHS revolution a few months later. Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as adorable Action Buddies, one of the best creature designs of the 90's, and Michael Gross chewing the scenery with country singer/sitcom star Reba McEntire? Best movie ever. Best movie ever.

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YOU CLICKED THE WRONG GODDAMN DOWNLOAD LINK, YOU-- wow that came out more aggressive than I thought, I just didn't know what scene to reference, apologies.

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