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Thursday, December 24, 2020

THE THIN MAN Commentary Track

Holidays got you drained? Not particularly festive this year? Feel like punching a stranger if you see another Leg Lamp? Then BOP n' A Movie has a non-denominational, seasonally-appropriate treat where Santa keeps his jolly ass at home: 1934's booze-and-clues classic THE THIN MAN! Join Mike & Jamie Charles, along with their pet drunk Cody, as they investigate what's made this feel-good homicidal romp stand the test of time. From William Powell and Myna Loy's one-of-a-kind chemistry, to the film's uncanny talent for sending-up noir tropes before they were even tropes, you couldn't ask for a cozier movie to get sloshed to.

Kill The Thin Man and bury him in your basement by downloading the commentary here!

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