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Sunday, March 21, 2021


The famous dust-ups of history: Ford vs. Ferrari! Ali vs. Fraiser! Niles vs. Fraiser! All meaningless compared to the rivalry that cracked open the very Earth in 1962, concerning one King Joseph Kong III and the kaiju who'll fry you, Godzilla! A cinematic empire was spawned the day fur-suit met scale-suit, and IT'S HAPPENING AGAIN IN YOUR LIVING ROOM! Before you see their modern-day rematch, revisit the very first clash of these bitin' titans with The Crew's ringside commentary! BOP n' A Movie takes you back to a simpler time, when Godzilla was still a villain, giant apes could still drink, and monster movies were vessels for cultural satire. Who will be left standing, Honda's skyscraper-stomper or Fay Wray's ex-bae? Will the lizard king humble the prime primate, or will the ape-lord show him the hate-sword? WHICH TALL BOY SHALL FIND JOY IN-- I appear to be having a stroke, please help me.

Burn King Kong like a Friar's Club roast by downloading the link here!

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