R.L. STINE'S FEAR STREET TRILOGY (1994, 1978, 1666) - Box Office Pulp Podcast | Movie Reviews | Film Analysis

Friday, August 13, 2021

R.L. STINE'S FEAR STREET TRILOGY (1994, 1978, 1666)

Childhood friends Mike and Cody, along with the girl next door Jamie, had the perfect summer job: Hosting the local radio station's movie analysis show. That was, until they met a trilogy whose secrets would not be so easily uncovered: R.L. Stine's Fear Street! Inspired by the proto-Goosebumps all the cool kids were reading, director Leigh Janiak's multi-era, genre-spanning horror epic is a haunted house of twists, turns, and questionable character choices. Will they survive the experience long enough to tell tale of its grisly kills, shockingly sincere love story, and unique take on slasher conventions? Or will they be banished to watch Haunting Hour reruns until Christmas break?

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