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Sunday, October 31, 2021

THIR13EN GHOSTS Commentary Track

Cheers from beyond the grave, folks! William S. Castle, Jr. here, warning you of the latest advancement in spook technology destined to turn the podCastle world upside-down! You may THINK you've seen the 2001 remake of my beloved Thir13en Ghosts, but you can't call yourself a cinephile until you've experienced it in COMMENT-O-SCOPE. Do you dare listen to this BOP n' A Tragedy commentary track, as your thr3e hosts explore their love/hate/love relationship with Scott Beck's disorienting cult classic? Some say this haunted house ride of a film paved the road that Dark Castle and others would follow for a decade, but can YOU walk the same path, dodging knife-wielding beauties, plus-sized babies, and spasming Matthew Lillards? The faint of heart need not worry, though, if the secrets of the Black Zodiac are too much for you, just press the "PANIC" button on your seat, and you'll be escorted to our NPR Corner, where you can listen to harmless shows more befitting a... well, I'M not going to say it! Now where is that skeleton waiter with my vodka and boo-bon?

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