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Tuesday, March 22, 2022


TO THE BOX OFFICE PULP SUBSCRIBERS. From your favorite podcasters. Who? Haven't a clue. Sit down with your Batzonie and let us review. The time has come for the world's only good billionaire to get a fresh start, but after a decade of full-on Batmania, is it possible to give us a truly fresh take on one of the longest-running characters in American fiction? Listen as the BOP Crew discuss The Batman, Matt Reeves' three-hour love letter to Gotham City that sets out to plumb every unexplored depth this world has. Along the way they dissect Robert Pattinson's surprisingly nuanced take on a role not known for subtlety, chart the meteoric rise of Oz Cobblepot, ponder the ethics of observing Zoe Kravitz, mishear Nirvana lyrics, and nerd-out about the one Batman movie they never thought could get made.

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