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Saturday, October 29, 2022


Fourty-four years ago, convicted murderer Michael Myers escaped from Smith Grove Sanitarium, and upon returning to his home town of Haddonfield, Illinois, committed five murders that would transform horror cinema forever. But those murders would also transform the town of Haddonfield, scarring its people with every new massacre, while an evil far more sinister than a man with a knife boiled beneath its surface. With Halloween Ends, David Gordon Green and co. wrap up both their sequel trilogy and the story of Laurie Strode with a movie nobody saw coming, and the horror community is having all kinds of feels about it. Join us as we discuss the good, bad, and weird of the most polarizing franchise movie since... the last big franchise movie, whether or not Michael is actually a car, and where the legend of The Shape can go when the corpse of this series is eventually unearthed to terrorize a new generation.

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