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Friday, October 14, 2022

PUMPKINHOLE Commentary Track (A Big-Ass Pumpkin Day Extravaganza)

Parents, lock up your children! Farmers, lock up your gourds! It's the time of year when mischief is in the air and danger is in Cody's wine glass, Big-Ass (Big-Ass) Pumpkin Day! And what better way to celebrate being halfway-to-Halloween than with our feature commentary for 2022's Pumpkinhole! Rather than a schlocky spookfest, or an October concert film capturing the 90's grunge band Hole, we've instead found a chilling, surreal exploration of guilt and madness. Look, it had a funny name, okay! Grab an age-appropriate beverage as we discuss the breakdown of the sacred Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas truce, the perils of making your film's central motif a spinning pumpkin, and once again wonder why movies just aren't thirsty anymore. Just how desperate can we sound in our own theme song? To find out, grab a big rock from the side of the road, and walk with us into the far depths of the Pumpkinhole...

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