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Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Found Footage (Tape 2) with Ariel Powers-Schaub

Tonight, in front of an audience of millions, the crew of Box Office Pulp will attempt something heretofore unseen on the internet! With nothing but a six-pack and our recording equipment, we are attempting to make content with "Ariel," a Midwestern cryptid known for appearing to strangers in the mist and recommending obscure found footage films. At great personal peril, we will attempt to record her feelings on the changes in technology the sub-genre has seen in recent years, the surprising appearance of found footage franchises, the many layers of reality a mockumentary can play with, why The Last Broadcast is best enjoyed by traveling back to the 2000's, and what is to be made of this "Art The Clown" business sweeping America. If this goes right, the podcasting world will never be the same! If not, we recorded a cool guest episode before being discovered in pieces. Either way, we're trending!

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