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Monday, October 23, 2023

SAW III Commentary Track

Editor's Note: Mike's audio was borked and did our best to do a Lazarus on it and save the commentary. Will be jarring at first but hope we got it listenable for you. Our apologies!

With Saw X currently gouging up the theaters, we continue our ongoing social experiment against the moral integrity of Cody's liver, BOP n' A Movie! This edition's reading from The Book of BOP brings us to Saw III, Darren Lynn Bousman's sophomore turn in the director's chair and Leigh Whannell's final word on Jigsaw and all his animal friends. Avoiding the franchise's most miscast leading man at all costs, the crew discuss the surprising tenderness and hilarious cruelty of Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith as horror's homicidal Batman & Robin. Containing perhaps the highest quantity of actors too good for the third entry in a Lionsgate franchise, does this end of the original era work as the finale to a trilogy, or is it just another link in the chain? And just how much footage did they shoot of Amanda wrecking people's shit? Swallow this tiny cassette drowned in Malort and find out!

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