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Monday, December 18, 2023

SAW VI Commentary Track

Like a good neighbor, cherish your life! Terrible jingle for an insurance company, but perfect for our purposes, as tonight we've gathered to milk John Kramer for every last ounce of gratitude his corpse has to offer, with this BOP n' A Movie Commentary for SAW 6! At the end of the 'Jigsaw's Last Will Trilogy' (we're naming just now), our story finds Hoffman's world crashing down around him as the Billy-slain return from the dead, janitors battle their corporate overlords for lung supremacy, and the final convoluted pieces of John's plan fall into place. Listen as we talk Tobin Bell playing the proud papa, the shift in quality from the detective-half to the game-portion, the ascension of go-to Saw director Kevin Greutert, the even higher ascension of Lionsgate's producers, the reality show whose grand prize was sharing the screen with Costas Mandylore, and Amanda's revenge from beyond the grave. Sort of. After the credits. 

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