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Saturday, June 1, 2024

Millennial Nasties + TERRIFIER 1&2 with Ariel Powers-Schaub

They're on the screens! They're in your home! They SHOULD be on your mind! Extreme cinema, exploitation, video nasties, whatever you call them, they take theaters by storm once every generation, and tonight we're wringing this moral panic for all it's worth! With the help of returning guest Ariel Powers-Schaub, the BOP Crew charts how the films detailed in her new book Millennial Nasties took inspiration from the gross-out cinema of the eighties to define the torture porn of the 2000's, before a chat about how those boundary-pushing themes are alive in the current king of modern nasties, Terrifier 2. Tangents along the way include Film Theory: Art The Clown Edition, a brief meeting of the May Canady Appreciation Society, and the secret origin of The Sham Wow Guy.

Millennial Nasties can be pre-ordered directly from Encyclopocalypse in eBook and Print at ( On on September 17th, 2024 it will also be available from your favorite bookseller. The audiobook version will be available exclusively from Audible or Apple Books. 

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