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Friday, December 25, 2015

BATMAN RETURNS Commentary Track

They didn't put Box Office Pulp on a pedestal, so we're puttin' them on a slab! Once again, it's that wonderful time of year, where clown henchmen roast on an open fire, crazy women in cat costumes attack random pedestrians, hideous penguin men from the sewers re-emerge to incite mass hysteria, and the only one that can bring holiday cheer... is a creature... of the night. That's right, it's BOP 'n A Movie: Christmas Edition! And what a Merry Christmas we have for you this year -- with Gothic architecture galore, black sludge flowing from every orifice, and the nightmarish snow-coated landscape of the Gotham City Zoo, secretly housing the murderous Red Triangle Circus Gang! You know... Christmas! We're playing this stinking podcast like a harp from hell, because it's time for Tim Burton's 1992 box office smash, BATMAN RETURNS! Forward march, dear listeners! The liberation of Gotham has begun!

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