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Friday, January 1, 2016


Box Office Pulp has the high ground in this episode! So, don't try anything. In a world that has grown weary of Jar-Jar, midi-chlorian, and Jake Lloyd jokes, the BOP Crew emerges from the mist like Gungans... with a game! A game of POSITIVITY! That's right, younglings, we're doing the unthinkable by actually discussing the prequels critically, and tossing aside all the way too tired tropes to say, "Hey, there's still good in them... we felt it." Except Attack of The Clones though -- no matter your point of view, that movie is evil. So, hop into your Grievous-mobiles, there's points at stake! Yes, there IS actually a game, I was dead serious about that. Luckily, the Force is strooooong with Box Office Pulp.

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