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Wednesday, August 17, 2016


RE: BOX OFFICE PULP, "Found Footage Episode," Archived 8-17-16:

A few weeks ago, the Crew of the Box Office Pulp podcast attempted to document an episode in which they would analyze, dissect, and discuss, the film genre known as "Found Footage." They have not been heard from since. Three days ago, a brown package arrived at our offices (The Kinnison County Sheriff's Department), inside was a recording of their final days spent researching the aforementioned style of movie. At first, it was noted that all seemed well; each member of the crew provided insightful comments ranging from the intimacy the genre produces, the affecting and sometimes terrifying tension that only Found Footage brings, the mistakes that are often made, a passionate defense of that class of filmmaking against detractors, and even whether a web series about Slender Man is better than an actual movie about Slender Man (we at the Sheriff's Department can confirm). But part way through the episode, the innate weirdness of the co-host designated Cody Alft appears to take physical form. What happens next is shocking, and highly disturbing. We are releasing this audio to the public in hopes of anyone out there having information to the last known whereabouts of the Crew. If you do, contact us at 1-800-BOP.

Download the harrowing finals days by clicking here. We at the Department found it quite entertaining, despite the grim sounds of evisceration's, and a lone, meticulously described scene of Mike Napier standing in a corner.

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