Monday, September 26, 2016

YOU'RE WRONG! (And Other Life Lessons Involving Unappreciated Films)

Some films find an audience, become cult hits, and get some of that sweet lovin'. But then there are some that remain forgotten, never getting a second look. So, to call attention to some of these movies, the BOP Crew have made a list, checked it twice, and you are gosh darn gonna hear them out on this! It's our favorite UNAPPRECIATED/UNLOVED MOVIES in this episode! What whimsical terror involving Tom Hiddleston's butt will Cody bring us? What kind of SACRILEGE does MB have in store? Will James pack snacks as he tells us of a road trip through self-harm limbo? And through the hazy veil of the flu and a whole bottle of cough medicine, Mike attempts to coherently wax about cyberpunk and fails miserably!

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