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Thursday, April 26, 2018

EVIL DEAD (2013) Commentary Track

The BOP Crew wants you folks to CUT IT! But if you've somehow managed to not read from a cursed book bound in human flesh and become possessed, then you're definitely ready to join us in this sojourn into the woods for this extra special BOP 'n A Movie feature commentary! Why so extra special, you ask? Because we find ourselves celebrating the five year anniversary of Fede Alvarez's supremely underrated EVIL DEAD remake! Entwined within this audio recorded in human blood, we delve into the aftermath of it's release, the abandoned franchise plans - including the crossover with Ash himself! - and the overlooked and hefty sub-textual themes of drug abuse, addiction, and self-destruction this film carries with it! Evil Dead deserves your respect, and if you don't give it, Mia WILL probably shove a chainsaw in your face.

Demonstrate your demon tree safety precautions by downloading here!

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