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Thursday, May 10, 2018


Dread it. Run from it. This episode still arrives. The BOP Crew have used the Eye of Agamotto to view 300,605 versions of this episode. We stay on topic for exactly... one. Good news! That's the one we're releasing, so you get all the spoilers, all the tears, and all the insane theories! What has this grand experiment in cinematic storytelling wrought? Mostly praise for how enthralling and filled with pathos THANOS of all characters is, but also a look into how the Russo Brothers pulled off the hat trick of living up to hype and showing off what the MCU is capable of with ten years behind it. After the Malekith's, Killian's, and Yellow Jacket's of the world, is it really a villain's story that becomes the perfect summation of the MCU thus far? It's AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR time, folks!

Not feeling so good? Download the episode now to hopefully still exist tomorrow!

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