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Monday, December 31, 2018


Move over, Trebek! We don't need you OR your lousy mustache! Or lousy clean shaven face. Or lousy beard. Or whatever you have these days. Bees, perhaps? Who knows, we're under the age of 70 and don't watch your show. The important thing is, Cody has wrestled hosting duties away from you and re-branded everyone's favorite prime time game show into... BOPardy! And things run less than smoothly because of it. We're throwing out world history and replacing it with movie trivia! Or something. I don't know, Cody got weird with it, and there was improv, and Dracula, and a lot of screaming. Look, Mike and Jamie were tortured to the point they nearly quit the show, so if you want to see friends TORN APART while duking it out for fake money, then get your daily double (two shots Jack recommended) and join the BOP Crew as they descend into game show hell in this very special edition episode!

COME ON DOWN, and be the next contestant to download the show here!

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