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Friday, January 11, 2019

VIRUS Commentary Track

There are films that expand the mind, enrich the spirit, or even teach us how to be better. Cinema can, and often is, a triumph. But, dear listeners, haven't the triumphs of the medium been examined, analyzed, and spoken of enough? The laws of time and space have a rule: for every positive, for every triumph... there must be an opposite. And so, welcome to BOP 'n A Tragedy! A mini-series where we put films that are commercial or critical failures under a microscope, and learn to celebrate what is there, warts and all. To kick it off, we're watching a real schlocky clunker of a problematic fave, 1999's Jamie Lee Curtis disowned, VIRUS! Robot zombie cyborgs from space, one of the lesser Baldwin brothers, Donald Sutherland putting in the weirdest performance ever, all based upon an indie comic by a fairly well regarded writer and directed by Jim Cameron's go to special effects whiz! A recipe for something special, even if it didn't quite turn out. But why didn't it? In our feature audio commentary, we get to the bottom, from production history, to structure and concept, all while giggling at some of the coolest creature effects put on film.

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