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Sunday, January 20, 2019

DEEP RISING Commentary Track

You've escaped the terror of MechaSutherland and accepted that man is the true virus, so now what? Well, now it's time for the second act of our journey through high-concept 90s sci-fi bombs, BOP 'n A Tragedy! And our next feature commentary is for the 1998 high seas adventure/creature feature/noir/comedy/backdoor pilot, DEEP RISING! Just one year before he gave us The Mummy, director Stephen Sommers would ask himself, "what would have happened in Die Hard if Godzilla showed up halfway through?" The result would be one of the most unique and subplot-burdened genre films of the era. From Jerry Goldsmith's score to Treat Williams devouring the scenery at every turn, we're diving 30,000 fathoms to uncover what makes this vessel far more sea-worthy than it has any right to be, and mourn a SURPRISE cinematic universe we very nearly had. No, really.

Give your last bullet to Wes Studi by downloading the commentary here!

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