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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

EVENT HORIZON Commentary Track

So, you've ditched your battle-damaged wave-runner and sworn off the high seas for good this time, aye? Unlucky for you, there's still one more cursed voyage to take in our look at low-grossing 90's derelict ship-based horror, BOP n' A Tragedy! Our final stop on this roller-coaster of quality is Paul W.S. Anderson's incomplete cult classic, 1997's EVENT HORIZON! In this feature commentary, we perform a loving autopsy on a film that began life as a simple ghost story in space, and evolved into a psychological journey through hell... before an insecure, cold feet studio left us with a final cut that reaches for the stars but only nearly gets there. From hiring Sam Neill to deconstruct his own film persona, to throwing Actual Satan into a traditional sci-fi plot, we go through the surprisingly bold decisions made by a filmmaker most known for playing it dumb, and end up with a newfound respect for the man who gave us Resident Evil. But that's a tragedy for another time...


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