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Saturday, July 20, 2019

CHILD'S PLAY (1988) Commentary Track

The BOP Crew will be your friends 'till the end! Or at least until you shove us into a fire place and light us ablaze. But even being a congealed, melted hunk of plastic won't keep us from bringing you this BOP 'n A Movie! With the remake having just recently graced theaters, it seemed appropriate to travel back in time to the beginning of a now incredibly long-running horror series, to the first time Charles Lee Ray bellowed out an incantation to transfer his soul. The first time he screeched out "you bitch!" or skittered about the floor with a kitchen knife to threaten a small child. Ah, memories. But in seriousness, this franchise has evolved like no other, changing in tone and rebooting itself to stay with the times, never betraying it's continuity or characters, all while proving that a severe lack of AA batteries is one of the scariest things of all. So, join us for this feature commentary that dissects how the hell an 80s movie about a killer garbage pail kid is so god damn terrifying, effective, and way more prestige than it should be! Give it up for Don Mancini and Tom Holland's, CHILD'S PLAY! Also, we find out how much Mike despises puppetry.

Do that voodoo that serial killers do by downloading the commentary here!

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