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Thursday, August 1, 2019


The nineties were a grand ole' time if you were a geeky kid. An era ruled by a wise and fair Macho King, all your favorite characters co-existed in ice cream form, and an invasion of bigger, badder, and extrem-ier anti-heroes hit comics like a flaming-hot meteor, and cooled off just as quickly. Over thirty years since his creation, VENOM has not only outlived the trends that birthed him, but thrived -- much to the chagrin of the same readers who were his first fans. In Eddie Brock's film debut (we don't talk about Spider-Man 3), Ruben Fleischer and co. have not only paid shockingly faithful tribute to the nerd world's #1 problematic fave, they've chucked the macho doom-and-gloom for an upbeat romp about a boy and his blob. So why all the hate? In this Mini BOP, Symbiotic Experts Mike and Jamie weigh in on fans' curious relationship with the character, the one-of-a-kind tone that sets it apart from a sub-genre aching for experimentation, where this ranks in the annals of Weird Tom Hardy Performances, and how Venom is 100% a queer romantic-comedy. CHANGE OUR MINDS.

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