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Monday, November 25, 2019

THE ADDAMS FAMILY (1991) with Spooky Gal's Corner

The BOP Crew does what they wanna do and says what they wanna say... and the podcast might be worst off for it. In this extra special creepy and kooky episode, we turn the clock back to the radical '90s to talk one of our most affectionate childhood movies, Barry Sonnenfeld's THE ADDAMS FAMILY! But, since we three are only mysterious, creepy and kooky, we needed someone to really bring in that spooky! So we reached out to friend of the show and real life Morticia, Jasmine of Spooky Gal's Corner! With our powers combined, we're all together ooky, which is the perfect state of being to talk about this seminal film in many people's lives, which would go onto birth a whole movement of classic TV to film adaptations and cement the iconic versions of these decades old characters. Not to mention immortalize the late Raul Julia. So snap your fingers in tune because it's time to play wake the dead!

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