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Thursday, December 5, 2019

John Carter (Of Mars) - LOVE THE BOMBS

Mars ain't no place to set a movie. In fact, it's cold as hell. This is a lesson Andrew Stanton would learn in 2012 when the release of his dream project, a mega-budget adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' massively influential John Carter novels, was met with spectacular apathy from critics and audiences alike. Released a month before The Avengers, this mocap-heavy sci-fi/fantasy/western was going to kick off the next great Disney franchise, but inexperience, bad timing, and one of the most ill-advised marketing campaigns in recent memory doomed it to the scrap heap. A shame, since it's one of the most charming and lovingly-crafted adventure flicks of the last decade. In this edition of How I Learned To Love The Bombs, we detail how a Pixar director with no live-action experience rescued John Carter from 80 years of Development Hell, the trilogy and more we almost got from a team with three Oscars and a Pulitzer between them, Lynn Collins' turn as the 2010's most unsung action heroine, and how this movie is one Ocean Master away from just being Aquaman.

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And click here to see Bob Clampett's original test footage for his unmade John Carter film!

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