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Thursday, April 2, 2020

X2: X-MEN UNITED Commentary Track

Escalation. Since the discovery of the formula, superhero movies have known it to be the secret to their survival. The debate rages: Do audiences want more action and a grander scale the second time around, or a more personal experience with these characters? Either way, it is a historical fact: X2: X-Men United had it both ways. The academy's sophomore outing attempted to adapt God Loves, Man Kills, delve into Wolverine's origins at Weapon X, unravel a presidential assassination conspiracy, set up the Dark Phoenix Saga, AND be a sequel to the original film, and by some miracle of mutation it all worked out. In BOP n' A Movie's second installment of our X-Men commentary series, we examine how this jam-packed screenplay updates the mutant metaphor for the Bush era, and how its structure gave us the blueprint for the modern team-up movie, before we wonder at the Munich circus's own Incredible Nightcrawler, witness the origin of Michael Dougherty, and once again lament how little James Marsden has to do.


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