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Friday, May 1, 2020

X-MEN 3: THE LAST STAND Commentary Track

Audiences and third films. They have long struggled to co-exist, with studios stretching directors to the point of burnout, and others choosing new blood to handle the ballooning budgets and ravenous expectations. Neither strategy has prevailed, and X-Men: The Last Stand exists as a monument to this riddle so few can solve. Join BOP n' A Movie as we move into Tragedy territory on the third leg of our X-Men commentary series, dissecting one of the most infamous disappointments of the 2000's, a film so poorly-received it was held partially responsible for "killing" the superhero movie before the MCU began printing money. 20th Century Fox (RIP) was a very different company in 2006, and the road that led to us becoming Juggernaut's bitch is strewn with false starts, corporate betrayals, message board tea-spilling, greed, addiction, and even more troubles in the Job-like existence of James Marsden. But underneath the jump-cuts and the botched story-lines, is there a solid X-Men story hiding out at Magneto's Summer Camp? Throw on that uniform that's a size too small and avoid getting your fur caught in the zipper, because you're about to find out!


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