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Monday, February 14, 2022

THE BLACK CAT (1934) Commentary Track

Hjalmar Poelzig thought he had it all: the career, the house, the wife. Then, a face from the past came through his door: Vitus, a widowed psychiatrist who thought he'd lost his last chance at love. With a visit from the boss right around the corner, Hjalmar can't afford any mishaps, but Vitus, a pair of amorous newlyweds, and a meddlesome cat have other plans! Join the BOP Crew this Valentine's Day as they deliver a commentary track for the outrageous pre-code  romance, Universal's The Black Cat. Set in a backdrop of war and intrigue, featuring the first pairing of the Hanks and Ryan of the 30's, Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff, this hour-long goth rollercoaster is jam-packed with everything you could want from old Hollywood. Listen to the BOPolytes dig deep into the expressionist set design, the career-highlight performances from two horror heavies, the whitest man alive, all before falling victim to the sex appeal of a shirtless, satanic Karloff.

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