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Thursday, March 3, 2022

DUNE (2021) Commentary Track

As they say on Salusa Secundus, Cody's dreams are messages from the derp. *insert horrible god language* And if any of that nonsense sounded familiar, then boy do we have three hours for you! Damn your own personal spice as you join Baron Cody Drinkonnen, Michael'Dib, and Euphoria's Zendaya as Jami, while they record a BOP n' A Movie thought unrecordable on the film thought unfilmable! Battling public apathy, a pandemic, and production woes longer than most cast members have been alive, Denis Villeneuve's Frank Herbert's Dune: Part One had no reason to be the surprise hit it was, and the crew spend this commentary discussing the ways this story of political corruption, environmental disorder, and an existing order crumbling under the weight of insurrection just might have struck a cord witb people! Along their journey through the desert they touch on the ground-breaking effects work, the polarizing sex appeal of the Kwisatz Haderach, and Duncan Idaho cuckolding the Tyrant God of Arrakis.

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