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Saturday, January 27, 2024

SAW VII (3D): THE FINAL CHAPTER Commentary Track

We can't say the man didn't warn us it would get bloody. Unfortunately, our plunge into America's favorite amputation-based horror franchise has brought us to this BOP n' A Tragedy commentary for Saw 7, AKA Saw 3D, AKA Saw 33⅓: The Final Insult. Opening with Jigsaw saying the name "Brad" and going downhill from there, this attempt to squeeze a few more drops of blood out of the Hoffman saga killed the franchise as we knew it, with poorly utilized 3D, a threadbare script, and a style that screams "the director only participated under threat of lawsuit." Is there anything to love about the last dance of Mark and Jill, or was too much lost in the attempt to blend two very different movies together in one hastily-constructed finale? Was finally pulling the pin on Cary Elwes worth it? Is The Final Chapter a glass coffin constructed by its own producers? Will a flashback ever reveal why John Kramer wears is hat that way? In Saw fashion, we may or may not answer any of these questions!

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