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Saturday, February 17, 2024

JIGSAW Commentary Track

A BOP n' A Movie commentary track? But that podcast has been dead for ten years! The only explanation can be that there's a copycat on the loose, and it's set its sights on the most vulnerable member of the Saw family: 2017's forgotten soft reboot, Jigsaw! Crank up the Roy Orbison and grab your favorite bucket, as persons unknown revisit Lionsgate's first attempt to resurrect a dead horse,  but is the only entry from The Brothers Spierig the return to simplicity they wanted? Filled with new characters, time jumps, fan sites, retcons, and more expendable detectives than you can shake a Tapp at, can one of the men who gave us Good Luck Chuck create an apprentice who will finally make John Kramer proud? Step inside the ol' Tuck Ranch and we'll have a look...

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