SPIRAL: FROM THE BOOK OF SAW Commentary Track - Box Office Pulp Podcast | Movie Reviews | Film Analysis

Sunday, March 3, 2024


Tonight the C in ACAB stands for Chris Rock, as we take a look at the delayed, maligned, and overlooked soft reboot of the Saw franchise... no, the other one, 2021's Spiral: From The Book of SAW! In this Bop n' A Movie commentary track, we travel back to a time of chaos and uncertainty, where America was terrified by police brutality and the indoctrination of its youth into violent ideologies by charismatic extremists-- thank God that's over. It was a time when the horror community was shocked not just by another comedian entering the game, but by Darren Lynn Bousman's return to the series after seemingly cutting ties with Lionsgate, and the anticipated film missing its release due to a trivial complication like a global pandemic. Seen as a disappointment and forgotten by a series that keeps everything, did we miss out on a bold return to Saw's pulp roots, or does it deserve to be buried along with Jigsaw? The movie, you know, not the... well, I guess him, too.

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