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Saturday, March 16, 2024

SAW X Commentary Track

With the Oscars behind us, many are taking a second look at the remarkable stories from last year that have been tragically overlooked by the academy. Tonight, Box Office Pulp would like to spotlight one such story, that of a humble engineer who forgot to cherish the little things, until a surprise diagnosis introduced him to a new hobby, a new gal, and a new lease on life. Before he can finish his life's work, though, he must rail against an uncaring medical system and stop the exploitative business practices of a corrupt institution, or else this will be one jigsaw puzzle left unsolved! In their final BOP n' A Movie audio commentary track on the series-- until next year, sat least-- the crew have finally reached Saw X, the John/Amanda reunion America didn't know it wanted. Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith are back in the playhouse, the script is free to set up absolutely nothing for a sequel, and there's an actual budget this time around, so does the THIRD return of a franchise that doesn't believe in letting itself die finally recapture the gruesome magic fans have been longing for since the original trilogy? If the words "we have a rope" mean anything to you, then you already know the answer!

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